Academics and Research

Building collapse in Northridge, California, in the 1994 earthquake
August 25

UO's role in ShakeAlert gets federal funding boost

Oregon will see new seismic sensors installed and more early adopters as part of the UO’s $1 million share of the funding package
Painting of the Coliseum in Rome
August 23

New digital archive allows broad access to Roman artifacts

UO researchers have co-developed a trove of nearly 4,000 drawings, prints, paintings and photographs
People evacuating homes
August 20

Capturing the last living memories of the Vanport flood

Journalism and historic preservation students gather an oral history of the 1948 disaster
Wine bottles with faces on labels
August 16

Study: Seeing people on a package can improve product sales

The effect is particularly strong when people are lonely, said marketing professor Bettina Cornwell
Guatemalan women with handmade bags
August 7

Study finds microfinance can help, even if goals aren't met

Aid helps poor women, even when NGOs miss the mark on setting goals, Erin Beck finds
Salps linked together in a chain
August 7

Researchers find that teamwork helps jellies jet around the ocean

UO marine biologist uses high-speed camera to study salps, a kind of jellyfish
David Wineland working in a lab
August 1

Nobel laureate David Wineland joins UO physics department

He was honored in 2012 for his work applying quantum physics to computing
Lab scene
July 26

UO undergraduates receive awards for research excellence

Their work spanned biology, earth sciences, history, feminism and many other fields
Scene in a classroom
July 25

Science teachers go back to school to hone classroom skills

The Summer Institute for Scientific Teaching focuses on active learning classes