Academics and Research

Allen Malony
February 2

Allen Malony receives Fulbright Distinguished Chair award

The computer science professor will do research and collaborate in France
Image shows a bipolar mitotic spindle functioning normally during early cell division
January 30

Never-give-up attitude pays off for research in UO lab

A fundamental advance in understanding cell division surfaces from a discovery made years ago
An infant receiving an injection
January 24

Medical researchers in Africa must learn from the past, prof finds

Informed consent is crucial to human research, says Melissa Graboyes
Frank Vignola and Peter Armstrong with the solar measuring device
January 20

UO tests new device that finds sunshine on cloudy days

Researcher from Abu Dhabi taps UO solar lab to test new method to capture wider range of sunlight
Colloquium logo with headshots of speakers
January 17

Speaker series to explore current topics in labor research

Three speakers will give talks in January, February and May
A card being swiped through a timekeeping device
January 12

Study suggests new timekeeping software could hurt workers

The work by professor Liz Tippett looks at new devices that track employee hours
Image shows satellite view of domoic acid levels off the U.S. West Coast in February 2016
January 10

UO helps tie toxic ocean condition to climate shifts

Researchers develop new model to predict domoic-acid influx to El Nino and other climate changes in the Pacific Ocean
Alex de Verteuil in the lab
January 9

New program helps students of color join 'the family of the lab'

Students of Color Opportunities for Research Enrichment — or SCORE — is now in its second year
Ionel Talpazan, Father and Son in Space, 1992. Photograph by James Wojcik.
January 3

Professor's new book gets inside the world of outsider art

Daniel Wojcik explores art created by people from outside the mainstream
Andrea Steiger working in the lab
December 29

A designer molecule offers new hope for damaged cells

Researchers in Michael Pluth's lab unveil a molecule that could someday counter oxidative stress