College of Arts and Sciences

Image shows the over-production of unnecessary cells when a key hormone is blocked during brain development in a fruit fly
May 15

Study on brain formation finds possible link to human disease

A key hormone in fruit flies is similar to one in humans that threatens pregnancies when things go wrong
Signing ceremony
May 11

Agreement with Pacific U creates pipeline for pharmacy students

UO students who take part are guaranteed an admission interview for Pacific's PharmD program
French and EU flags fly in celebration following France's runoff election
May 11

UO professor says the EU is doing better than people think

While the French election and Brexit may suggest otherwise, Craig Parsons says the EU’s achievements deserve more attention
Bacteria with genetic switches illuminated
May 10

UO research team one of three Kavli microbiome grant recipients

Brendan Bohannan, Karen Guillemin and Raghuveer Parthasarathy receive a $340,000 award
Baby wearing audio recording vest
May 9

Researchers are trying to get an earful of what babies hear

A UO psychology prof and grad student are studying what infants hear to learn more about their development
Computer screens in a lab
May 4

Knight Campus hosting science talk at Shedd

Patrick Phillips will tackle our desires to cheat death and live longer May 9 at Eugene's Shedd Institute
Chris Doe
May 3

UO biologist elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Chris Doe is recognized for his work in developmental biology and stem cell research
Painting of Dante Aligheiri
May 2

Dante Society to hold first-ever West Coast meeting at the UO

The weekend gathering will bring together scholars from across the country
'Cinderella Waltz' poster
April 27

'Cinderella Waltz' puts the classic fairy tale under a new spotlight

The University Theatre production is a more adult take on the story and is for older audiences
English professor Ben Saunders
April 26

UO English prof helps decode superheroes in new documentary

Ben Saunders, who co-founded the UO comic and cartoon studies program, is part of the four-hour, two-part series