College of Arts and Sciences

Installing an earthquake sensor
April 11

Oregon and Washington are now in real time with ShakeAlert

EWEB begins installing seismic sensors as the UO works to fine-tune detection of earthquake activity
UO sociology professor Jill Ann Harrison
April 7

From shrimp to world trade, UO prof talks globalization research

Sociology professor Jill Ann Harrison discusses Louisiana shrimping and world trade on 'UO Today'
A black girl playing with a doll
April 7

Documentary 'Black Girl In Suburbia' to be screened April 13

The award-winning film depicts the life of black girls growing up in white communities
Ice in a fjord near a Greenland town
April 7

UO takes ice research to Eugene middle school students

Full day of activity at the Arts & Technology Academy featured two UO scientists and students involved in the UO's STEM CORE program
Professor Julie Sykes talking with students
April 7

Resident faculty member builds bridges among students

Living in the Global Scholars Hall, professor Julie Sykes and her family connect with students in new ways
Stock image portrays a connected network of people with an individual brain illuminated as a symbol for sociology and group interaction
April 6

Regional sociology gathering puts focus on UO psychologist

Issues related to institutional betrayal, a field of research pioneered by Jennifer Freyd, are under the spotlight of a conference in Portland
Bootprint on lunar surface
April 6

UO linguist will explore Neil Armstrong's missing moon letter

Melissa Baese-Berk will talk about speech and perception at the next Quack Chat
A hospital operating room
April 5

Philosophy students get to the heart of ethics in medical care

When the hospital becomes a classroom, ethical concepts take on new meaning
Erlandson on the Channel Islands
April 4

Archaeology work by UO's Erlandson wins special honor

His 'kelp highway' theory helped change the view of early migrations to the West Coast
Professor Lynn Stephen in Oaxaca, Mexico
March 31

UO professor to lead world Latin America scholars association

Lynn Stephen is in line to be president of the Latin American Studies Association