College of Arts and Sciences

Image shows drawing of zebrafish and a view of its gut
July 25

Three-day META symposium, workshop will blend biology and philosophy

The event will focus on microbe and host interaction, but it will also delve into the philosophy of microbiology.
Newly found sabertooth salmon fossil
July 24

New ways to ‘Explore Oregon’ at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Improved technology, new videos, and rare fossils await visitors to the natural history exhibit.
Joe Lowndes
July 23

Professor Joe Lowndes talks politics on MSNBC's 'Nerding Out'

The UO political science professor appeared on three segments of the program from its studio in New York City.
G.Z. Brown
July 22

Air quality in Portland and Bend homes to be studied under EPA grant

UO, Oregon Research Institute and Clean Energy Works Oregon will focus on homes that are implementing major weatherization projects.
UO philosophy professor Naomi Zack
July 22

Naomi Zack's new book on race and privilege featured in IHE review

The review by Scott McLemee at Inside Higher Ed says Zack approaches the concept of justice by examining what constitutes injustice.
UO political science professor Alison Gash
July 21

Gay parenting article by Alison Gash published in Washington Monthly

The UO political science professor writes that gay and lesbian parents still face challenges, despite Supreme Court ruling.
UO physicist Russ Donnelly
July 20

UO physicist Russ Donnelly remembered at campus gathering

A UO faculty member since 1966, Donnelly was a prominent physicist whose research explored the coldest temperatures possible.
Robot submarine Sentry fitted with SyPRID samplers
July 16

Vehicle's first ocean dive delivers a win for UO marine science team

'PlankZooka' may revolutionize deep-sea collection of plankton, say scientists from the UO, Duke University and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
UO doctoral student Julius McGee
July 16

UO research on emissions and organic farming makes international news

Research published by Julius McGee, a UO graduate student in sociology, is making a splash here and overseas.
CAS interim Dean W. Andrew Marcus, Don Tykeson, Vice President for Student Life Robin Holmes (seated, from left) and Willie Tykeson
July 15

Lawmakers approve College and Careers project, major renovations

The Legislature approves $37 million for the new building plus renovations in Klamath and Chapman halls.