Research and Innovation

French and EU flags fly in celebration following France's runoff election
May 11

UO professor says the EU is doing better than people think

While the French election and Brexit may suggest otherwise, Craig Parsons says the EU’s achievements deserve more attention
Bacteria with genetic switches illuminated
May 10

UO research team one of three Kavli microbiome grant recipients

Brendan Bohannan, Karen Guillemin and Raghuveer Parthasarathy receive a $340,000 award
May 8

UO joins Global PDX, creating seed grant for international research

The new match is expected to enhance opportunities for UO researchers to collaborate with nonprofits on international research and development
March for Science
May 8

UO to host forum on science advocacy and public engagement

The May 15 event will discuss appropriate ways to support research funding
Working in the machine shop
May 5

OQ: New shop helps students turn ideas into prototypes

A new maker space — a community center with tools for making things — and classroom opened this fall
Computer screens in a lab
May 4

Knight Campus hosting science talk at Shedd

Patrick Phillips will tackle our desires to cheat death and live longer May 9 at Eugene's Shedd Institute
Chris Doe
May 3

UO biologist elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Chris Doe is recognized for his work in developmental biology and stem cell research
UO biologist Chuck Kimmel
April 24

Two scientists honored for contributions to zebrafish research

Biologists Chuck Kimmel and Adam Miller are recognized for their work with the model organism
Diana Libuda
April 20

UO biology professor Diana Libuda named 2017 Searle Scholar

The award will help fund a research project aimed at understanding male infertility
Oily water at remediation site
April 19

Symposium looks at using microbes to clean up contamination

Known as bioremediation, the approach holds promise for cleaning up polluted sites