College of Arts and Sciences

UO political science professor Joe Lowndes
December 13

Moore's loss won't stop his firebrand politics, prof writes

Political science professor Joe Lowndes analyzes the election results in The Washington Post
Research boat near glacier
December 13

UO researcher is highlighted in article on glacial meltwater

Oceanographer Dave Sutherland has been studying Alaska's LeConte glacier to learn more about melting
Image depicts the uncertainty of infertility statistics
December 13

Study says infertility statistics fail to capture ‘invisible’ groups

A quest for data by a UO postdoctoral researcher leads to a collaboration that finds that many people affected by infertility have been left out
Science library big data screen
December 11

New initiative aims to make the UO a powerhouse in data science

The goal of the interdisciplinary effort is to position the university at the cutting edge of a rapidly growing field
2017-2018 image
December 8

Neuroscientist will reveal the secret to making resolutions stick

Your brain on goals: What brain science says about sticking to New Year’s resolutions
Stewardship banner
December 7

UO history museum announces Oregon Stewardship Award  

The honor will recognize contributions to Oregon’s cultural or environmental heritage
Jennifer Freyd talks with the CBC after the symposium in Toronto (Photo by CBC)
December 7

Professor discusses sexual misconduct in Toronto event

Jennifer Freyd serves on a symposium panel organized by the Globe and Mail and is later interviewed by the CBC
December 7

UO professor brews up science buzz with a side of coffee

Computational chemist and coffee expert Chris Hendon studies energy and sustainable materials
Kristin Yarris
December 7

UO Today: International studies professor on a book, new minor

Kristin Yarris talked about an interdisciplinary mental health class and the global health minor
Large iceberg in Sermilik Fjord makes a research vessel appear to be tiny
December 6

UO-led study opens window on meltwater from icebergs

Researchers use water data and computer modeling to understand freshwater flow in Greenland’s fjords