Board of Trustees

February 13

First credit ratings pave the way for the UO's inaugural bond sale

A $50 million bond sale next month will finance the renovation of Columbia 150 and part of the EMU project.
February 12

Senate approves policy on policies, gets search update

The new policy guidance came out of a collaboration with the Senate, administration and Board of Trustees.
February 12

Ballmer, search firm discuss presidential search at forum

Representatives from Parker Executive Search joined Connie Ballmer to provide an update on the UO’s presidential search.
Connie Ballmer
February 9

Search committee discusses confidentiality in op-ed article

Committee Chair Connie Ballmer also pledges to keep the selection process transparent and provide ongoing updates on progress.
Relief carving of intertwined UO
February 6

Public sessions planned to discuss presidential search

Open sessions will be held on Feb. 11 at 9 a.m. in the Knight Law Center and at the 3 p.m. University Senate meeting.
February 5

New vendors for EMU among topics on committee agenda

A new blend of food and beverage offerings will provide a mix of various fares to choose from at the newly renovated and redesigned student union.
January 15

Presidential position profile updated to reflect new governance

The Presidential Search Committee has completed an update of the position description for potential candidates.
December 11

Themes of rebuilding trust and communication emerge during December board meeting

Following the conclusion of the GTFF strike, the Board of Trustees heard impassioned comments from the campus community regarding trust and shared governance.
December 11

Resolutions move to board after committee meetings

After busy committee agendas, multiple resolutions are forwarded for consideration by the full board during Thursday's meeting
December 10

Policies proposal postponed

The UO Board of Trustees has delayed consideration of a proposal that would streamline the way the university reviews and develops its policies