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Alisha Barker

Senior, Business Administration (Operations and Business Analytics)
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

The professors really teach you how to get a taste of everything to give you a better idea of what you want to do next.

My experience at the Lundquist College of Business has been the best roller coaster—in a good way. I was definitely more shy coming into college, and consistently being tossed into group projects and group presentations has really taught me to break through. When I get a good grade or my professor gives me a compliment, it just makes me feel good. I’m always looking for that gratification.

And I’ve made a ton of friends in my operations and business analytics courses. We do a lot of interesting collaboration work as a group. Everyone picks up different themes from a course, and we put all that knowledge together and fill in the holes for each other when we’re figuring out a project. It’s how it works at real companies, and it has been so valuable and rewarding to gain that experience in college.

Plus there’s always going to be a demand for these kinds of skills, and businesses are always looking for someone to help with data management.

With a focus in operations and business analytics, there’s just so many opportunities to apply what I’ve learned to various aspects of business. I feel that with the skills I’ve developed, I can morph myself into a marketing or finance person.

Companies are always looking for those fresh, out-of-the-box thinkers that are able bring a new perspective and maybe bring a new idea that will completely change how it operates. The proof is always in the numbers.

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