Lundquist College of Business: Start Here to Go There - Haiming Kuang, Operations and Business Analytics




Haiming Kuang, BS ’18

Business Administration (Operations and Business Analytics), Economics
Business Data Analyst, Myers Container, Portland, Oregon

The Lundquist College of Business gave me hands-on experience working with a professional client outside of schoolwork. That really made my résumé stand out.

Oregon Consulting Group was one of the best things I did at Lundquist College. The group is professionally managed and run by students who work with companies and nonprofits to deliver research, analysis, strategies, and business plans.

Oregon Consulting Group was one example of taking what you would normally do in a school project and then just ramping it way up because these were paid projects and firms expected a hard deadline. We had weekly client meetings and then weekly team meetings that looked at the clients’ goal and how to present our findings so clients were satisfied and can make use of the data.

It sounds like a very simple thing, but just learning how to interact with clients in a professional setting was so valuable.

Another great thing about studying business at the University of Oregon, you can find a club or student group that you’re passionate about and see if it’s right for you. The college supports tons of clubs.  Explore your options, but stick with it for several terms. It’s hard to know if you really like something if you don’t give it more than one term.

There are so many career opportunities for people who know how to analyze data—even professional sports. More and more firms are hiring data scientists because it helps remove biases and looks at things from different points of view. Getting that data science background through a business lens is invaluable.

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