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Nick Hubert, BS ’15

Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley, Portland, Oregon

It’s that encouragement to go out and try new things and to really build that foundation for lifelong learning and lifelong relationships. I think that’s very hard to find. I found it at the Lundquist College of Business.

As an undergrad, I was heavily involved with the UO Investment Group (UOIG), a student-run, student-managed group of folks basically investing money that comes from a few different sources.

The UOIG gives students a real-world opportunity to get out there to analyze companies, to build a thesis around good investments in those companies, and then to present and defend their thesis, pitching an investment like they would do at an investment fund in the real world.

That’s the most hands-on experience you can get. The only thing that can get more hands-on is actually having to defend an investment to a client, but I think you get the equivalent of that when you’re defending it to a group of 25 people trying to pick holes in what you came up with.

I apply and use knowledge every day that I gained from those real-world experiences with the UOIG while still in school.

I was also cofounder of the Oregon Consulting Group, a consulting agency housed in the Lundquist College of Business and run by students with the help of a faculty advisor. Not many other universities offer such a program.

It gives students direct, applicable, and résumé-building experience that companies seek. It also supports the broader business community, the university, and other organizations, giving them access to consulting services that otherwise might not be affordable.

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