One last look at the Class of 2015

On June 15, several thousand UO students will be students no more.

Or at the least, they won't be undergraduates any more. Many will continue their academic adventure in graduate school, many others will move on to the first phase of their professional careers. Wherever they go, we wish them well.

They'll take with them more than diplomas. They'll have the memories of special times and places as well as the lessons taught both inside and outside the classroom by faculty mentors, by campus advisors and by friends. In these stories you'll get a glimpse into a few of those memories and of the courses being charted by the Class of 2015.

Photo credit: Brinkley Capriola
April 29

Graduate Profiles: A SAIL graduate sets course for Ohio

Meet Noelle Jones, Class of 2015

Jasmine Akiyama-Kim
May 5

Graduate Profiles: From Roman ruins to a degree in classics

Meet Jasmine Akiyama-Kim, Class of 2015

Rachel Ellam, Class of 2015
May 7

Graduate Profiles: From dance to France to the Big Apple

Meet Rachel Ellam, Class of 2015

Kahnita Wilkerson, Class of 2015
June 3

Graduate Profiles: Film grad plans post-production in Thailand

Meet Kahnita Wilkerson, Class of 2015

Jonathan Friedman, Class of 2015
June 9

Graduate Profiles: Medical school beckons human physiology grad

Meet Jonathan Friedman, Class of 2015

UO graduate Sarah Oller (right) and her friend Yuki Partridge at commencement
July 22

Graduate Profile: Sarah Oller's next stop is Botswana and Peace Corps

With a degree in family and human services, Oller will work to increase awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS in southern Africa.