Advisory committee established for OA job family project

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Work continues on the officer of administration job family framework project, with the human resources project team developing a project plan and timeline with Sibson Consulting. An advisory committee comprised of representatives from across the university also has been established.

“Soliciting and considering ideas and perspectives from OAs representing a variety of units and departments is critical to the success of this project,” said Kaia Rogers, senior director of programs, services and strategic initiatives in the Office of Human Resources. “The project advisory committee will provide meaningful guidance and feedback as we work to deliver a framework that will help OAs identify career advancement opportunities at the University of Oregon.”

Over the next few months, the HR project team will focus on discovery and information gathering to inform the development of a job family framework that serves the university and its officers of administration.

HR launched the OA job family framework project at the end of 2018 to build on previous work completed in 2016 that established salary bands for OA positions. According to Rogers, the project will expand on HR’s previous work by creating a job family framework that offers enhanced visibility and transparency about job placement, career growth and advancement opportunities.

The project will continue over the next 18 to 24 months and is expected to be fully implemented by the end of calendar year 2020.

Human resources has dedicated a section on its website to the OA job family framework project, which provides goals, a timeline and answers to frequently asked questions.