Analysis of UO employee climate survey is now underway

Fifty-five percent of University of Oregon employees participated in the UO IDEAL Climate Survey that concluded on April 29.

Gallup, a nationally recognized workplace survey firm, administered the confidential survey of UO faculty members, officers of administration, classified employees and graduate employees over a three-week period.

Gallup is now compiling the survey information and is expected to provide initial survey findings in June. The initial results will be published on the climate survey website. A UO analysis team, co-chaired Sanjay Srivastava, professor of psychology, and Renee Delgado-Riley, director of assessment and research, is working with Gallup as the firm prepares the results.

More detailed findings, including by school, college and unit, are anticipated to be available by fall. All findings shared at the school, college and division level will be shared in ways that ensure individual responses are kept confidential.

“We are so appreciative of everyone who took the survey, encouraged others to take the survey, and helped to make this effort a success,” said Yvette Alex-Assensoh, vice president for equity and inclusion. “We look forward to receiving and reviewing the results and taking action based on what we learn. The ultimate goal is to make the University of Oregon better.”

An appointed action planning committee, co-chaired by School of Law Dean Marcilynn Burke and Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Janet Woodruff Bordon, have been charged to work in consultation with diverse campus entities to recommend action steps.

As a show of appreciation for the campuswide support of the survey, the Division of Equity and Inclusion has arranged for the following discounts for all university employees: 

  • Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream: May 2-6, 25 percent discount on ice cream. Show UO ID to activate discount.
  • Noisette Pastry Kitchen: May 4-6, 10 percent discount for in-store purchases (does not apply to online or special orders). Please use code: U of O Climate Survey.
  • Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art: May 4-June 30, two free museum guest passes and a 10 percent discount at the museum store. Please use code: IDEAL Campus Climate Survey.
  • Eugene Symphony: A 15 percent discount for tickets to the June 4 world premiere of “PREFONTAINE,” a multimedia work celebrating the life and legacy of legendary Oregon runner Steve Prefontaine. Use code PREFONTAINE (all caps).

The university conducted the workplace climate survey to identify individual, unit-based, structural, cultural and institutional factors that improve or worsen campus climate, so those factors can be addressed through targeted interventions.

The data collected in the survey will be used in many ways: as a baseline for understanding the present climate, to establish a benchmark against which to measure change over time to help inform current and future institutional priorities, and to establish action plans to enhance and improve the climate in individual units and at the university as a whole.

For additional information on the survey and frequently asked questions, visit the DEI website.