Antivirus software change calls for December upgrade

Person working on laptop

A transition for the University of Oregon's antivirus software requires action from some students and employees this month to continue protecting their computers from cyberattacks.

Specifically, people whose Windows computers are running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise should install McAfee Endpoint Security in December.

This applies to students, employees who install software on their own UO-owned computers, and employees using the software on privately owned personal computers.

UO IT staff will install the new software on hundreds of other computers on behalf of many employees.

Although VirusScan Enterprise may continue to run after this month, it will no longer receive the updates from McAfee that allow it to properly protect against new viruses and malicious software.

McAfee's replacement product, Endpoint Security, offers a more comprehensive approach to computer security that better protects against modern cyberattacks. It is available free to all UO students, faculty members and staff.

Endpoint Security is also available for Mac computers.

Anyone seeking help installing the new software can submit a ticket on the desktops and devices support page of the UO Service Portal. IT staff will respond when available during winter break. Students can also contact the Technology Service Desk directly. Faculty and staff can contact the IT support staff for their department or the Tech Desk.

—By Nancy Novitski, University Communications