Around the O newsletters

Around the O sends email newsletters to various campus constituencies each week. Please keep in mind that all news stories that appear in the newsletters appear first on the main Around the O website, often well ahead of their inclusion in a newsletter. The website is updated daily with new content, and all employees and students are encouraged to visit the website daily to keep up to date with campus developments. The newsletters can also contain links to stories on other UO websites.

Signature Edition: The main newsletter is sent each Wednesday morning to all faculty, staff, and students and to subscribers from the general public. The newsletter contains the top news stories that appeared that week on the Around the O website and other UO links.

Workplace Edition: This newsletter goes out each Tuesday afternoon to all UO employees. It contains primarily internal news of interest to those who work at the university.

Quick Quack (student edition): This links-based newsletter is sent to all students and contains links to a variety of news of interest primarily to students. It goes out on Thursdays during fall, winter and spring terms, except during finals week or break weeks.

Portland Edition: Sent approximately once a month (or as needed) to employees, students and alumni in Portland. It includes stories about activities and events of interest to the Portland campus and alumni.

We will try to honor requests for stories to appear in a particular newsletter. However, our decision on when and where to publish a story will depend on the volume of news, type of story and other considerations.

Anyone can subscribe to the Signature and Portland Editions. Workplace and QuickQuack are exclusively for UO employees and students, respectively.


In addition to Around the O, University Communications and other campus units also offer avenues for reaching more targeted audiences. These may be appropriate for those wishing to share more specialized news items.

Oregon Quarterly: The university’s magazine is published January, April, July, and October both in print and online. It features stories about UO research and innovations, noteworthy alumni, campus programs and accomplishments, lists of new books by faculty and alumni and more. Contact Oregon Quarterly.

UOAA News/Shout: The UO Alumni Association offers news about alumni and alumni events both on its website and in its Shout! newsletter. Contact the UOAA

School/College websites: Each school and college website at the UO has a section devoted to news of interest primarily to those who work or study within their programs. Some individual academic departments also offer news on their webpages. The websites can be found by clicking on the A to Z Index link in the footer of the main UO website and looking up the school, college or department.