The Auntie Way: Stories Celebrating Kindness, Fierceness, and Creativity

By Michelle Jacob, a member of the Yakama Nation and professor of Indigenous studies

The Auntie Way celebrates the lessons and love aunts teach us. Twelve stories set across diverse places, including the Yakama Reservation, New York City, and the halls of academia, describe the ways in which “Aunties,” whether blood related or chosen, help us to step into our better selves, through their kind and fierce “Auntie-ing.” Each story is accompanied by journaling and discussion questions to help readers connect with deeper lessons and inner wisdom. If you’ve ever had a beloved “Auntie,” are an aunt yourself, or feel the need for an auntie, this book is for you. The stories will touch your heart and make you think; they take you on a fun and loving journey, representing Auntie-ing at its finest.

Anahuy Mentoring, 2021