Better maps, apps and 100 dynamic Ducks in the latest OQ

Professor and students studying data

The official name for the new high-tech major in geography is “spatial data science and technology.” But as you’ll read in the summer issue of Oregon Quarterlyavailable now — the shorthand is “great jobs and humanitarian opportunities.”

The latest edition of the university magazine features students and alumni in the new major whose skills are landing them jobs with the Washington Post, The New York Times, Apple, Google and more. Meet the people building the next generation of digital maps and apps and doing innovative work in social, environmental and humanitarian areas.

They’re not the only distinguished Ducks in the new OQ, however. You’ll find many more in “100 Ducks Who Made A Difference,” a dazzling list of UO heroes tied to the 100th anniversary of the magazine and driven by nominations from the university community. This list of innovators, inventors, game-changers, trailblazers and humanitarians is not a ranking of “the best” or most famous but rather a diverse display of Ducks who made a difference over the last century.

Also: Alaí Reyes-Santos, of ethnic studies, finds a teachable moment in the aftermath of 2017’s Hurricane Maria; student Andy Rollo talks money matters with the UO Investment Group; alumni launch a socially and environmentally conscious leather-goods company in the Andes; and an account of college sweethearts whose love for the environment was exemplified during the Exxon Valdez disaster.

To close it all out, an unforgettable Duck Tale. Suffice it to say it involves the gift of a dead whale, libelous accusations and an episode that filled the pages of the second-ever issue of the magazine, 100 years ago.