Board of trustees approves tuition recommendation for next year

March 14, 2023 - 11:24am

The University of Oregon Board of Trustees approved former interim President Patrick Phillip’s recommendations on student tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year, following a public comment period.

Tuition rates for next year’s incoming class of undergraduate students will be set at a level that is higher than the class that entered in fall of 2022 by 4 percent for Oregon resident students and 3.8 percent for nonresident students. Those rates will be locked for those students for five years and will not change.

Adjusted, administratively controlled mandatory fees for incoming undergraduate students will be 4.32 percent higher than for those who started at the UO in 2022 and also will be locked for five years.

The increased tuition and fees only apply to the incoming class of first-year and transfer undergraduate students this summer and fall because, under the UO’s guaranteed tuition program, tuition rates and mandatory fees for all currently enrolled undergraduate students are already set. The board also approved graduate tuition rates that vary from no increase to a 5 percent increase, depending on the program.

Recommendations on tuition and mandatory fees were made to Phillips by the Tuition and Fee Advisory Board — made up of students, staff and faculty members — after 10 public meetings and one public forum, co-hosted with the Associated Students of the University of Oregon, during fall and winter terms. The university is in its third year of the guaranteed tuition program, called the Oregon Guarantee. Most undergraduate students are part of the guaranteed tuition program and will see no increase in their tuition rates or administratively controlled mandatory fees.

Undergraduates who started at the UO prior to summer 2020 have locked tuition increases of 3 percent per year through next year as part of the phase-in of the guaranteed tuition program.