Campus invited to forum on addressing sexual violence

The University of Oregon is inviting students, faculty, staff and community members to take part in a forum on creating a comprehensive plan to prevent sexual assault and support survivors.

The Campus Conversation and Progress Report on Addressing Sexual Violence is scheduled for Monday, March 2, from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Ford Alumni Center Giustina Ballroom.

The forum will include an update from interim UO President Scott Coltrane about the university’s campuswide efforts to prevent sexual assault, improve support services for survivors and encourage reporting. The forum will also provide an opportunity to offer input and discussion and to further engage the whole university community.

The president has received three sets of recommendations about improving the campus climate and enhancing the way the university addresses sexual assault. The reports from the President’s Review Panel, Senate Taskforce and Student Life will help shape the university’s comprehensive plan to address sexual violence.

Coltrane said he is incredibly grateful to everyone who worked on the reports and who is helping to create and implement a comprehensive plan. He said he hopes to keep this forum will keep the momentum going.

“People all across campus and national experts contributed to these recommendations that will help us make meaningful change to the culture of our campus,” Coltrane said. “We’ve made significant progress, but we still have a lot of work to do. And I urge us to continue to work together as a community to address this complex problem and end sexual violence.”

To learn more about the university’s efforts to address sexual violence visit the president’s website. Updates about the forum and future campus events will be added to that website. Additional information on reporting and sexual assault resources is also available at

—By Jennifer Winters, Public Affairs Communications