Check out this list of great study spots around campus

Whether you’ve been on campus three months or three years, there are quite a few places to get cozy and crack open the books. Here is a list of some of the best spots to study around campus.

Allan Price Science Commons & Research Library
Surrounded with glass, natural light, and ferns, this study space is perfect to keep your study mind open and engaged.

The amphitheater next to Willamette Hall
Among the trees and concrete, this amphitheater and the open air are always a nice refresher when diving into an assignment.

The grass park between Fenton and Allen halls
The grass park located between Fenton and Allen provides plenty of shade and sunlight for any mood you’re in. Grab a blanket or put down a jacket and make that study session yours!

The Mills International Center
Located by the Erb Memorial Union amphitheater, the quiet serenity of this room is the perfect place to immerse yourself in other cultures while working on assignments.

Window seats in the EMU art gallery
We’re back to that natural light! These window seats are a great place to settle down with the ambience of student life around you.

Lillis tables
Located in the Lillis Business Complex, these tables surrounding the main building area are great spot in a center of student life. Plus, there’s a coffee shop not too far for some extra power ups in the middle of your study session.

First floor of HEDCO
Whether in the sunlit windows or the outside courtyard, the HEDCO Education Building is a great place in which to find some quiet and focus.

Knight Library study rooms
Available via reservation, these rooms located throughout the library can be used for solo or group studying. The quiet atmosphere and access to books are definitely a plus.

By Sarah Bathke, Student Services and Enrollment Management