From Chicken to Eagle: Seven Women Paddling Whitewater and Navigating Life

By Kamala Bremer, BA '78 (psychology), MS '84 (public affairs); Rosalyn McKeown-Ice, MA '77 (geography), PhD '86 (geography); Deb Jackson Brewer; Maradel Krummel Gale, JD '74; Saro Hendrickson; Jesse Jean Reeder, MUP '78 (urban and regional planning); and Sally Sharrard, BA '68 (journalism), MA '79 (geography)

From Chicken to Eagle is a story of seven courageous women who took a wilderness adventure at a time—1979—when women were testing their mettle in society and in the wilderness. They accomplished things that were beyond their imaginations and comfort levels, on the river and across the next forty years. This collection of short memoirs chronicles the many ways these seven found meaning, purpose, challenge and enjoyment in their personal and professional lives.

Independently published, 2022