Collective bargaining: Updates on employee union negotiations

The University of Oregon is in active negotiations with employee unions to reach new collective bargaining agreements. The following updates are offered to keep the campus community informed:

Service Employee International Union: Mediation between SEIU and University Shared Services Enterprise (USSE), on behalf of Oregon’s seven public universities, resumes with sessions scheduled on Sep. 11-13.

Negotiations with SEIU are led by USSE, which provides a variety of functions for Oregon’s public universities, including the University of Oregon. The USSE website provides information on developments and latest offers following each bargaining and mediation session through its summaries of negotiations.

Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation: The next mediation session between the university and the GTFF is scheduled for Sep. 16. The human resources website provides updates, including economic offers and proposal comparisons.

United Academics: Bargaining with United Academics opens in January 2020.

University of Oregon Police Association: Bargaining with UOPA opens in January 2020.