Confidentiality committee continues work toward recommendations

A group called together by acting Provost Frances Bronet is in the midst of its work regarding student confidentiality of medical and psychological records.

In March, Bronet informed the campus that she would form an ad hoc committee to look closely at how other universities and off-campus practices resolve possible conflicts related to confidentiality of medical records for students and nonstudent patients.

At the UO, there are nearly a dozen clinics and other facilities on campus that provide services to campus and community members and maintain health and psychological records, including the UO psychology clinic, HEDCO clinic, Child and Family Center, medical training services at the athletic department, University Health Center and University Counseling and Testing Center.

“The individuals I asked to participate on the committee accepted the duty and have been hard at work over the past few weeks,” Bronet said. 

The charge to the committee is to identify best policies and practices that are the most protective of students’ privacy consistent with law and ethics codes. The committee will also present recommended policies and privacy practices for the UO regarding the use and disclosure of health and counseling records. 

The work will continue for the next few weeks, which is an adjusted timeline from the initial plan.

“My expectation that work will be completed as quickly as possible is unchanged; however, my hope for a draft in April was overly ambitious,” Bronet said.  “The committee’s work will continue expeditiously with the goal of a recommendation by the end of spring term.”

Members of the committee are: John Bonine, law professor; Bryan Dearinger, assistant general counsel; Crystal Dehle, clinical associate professor, psychology department, and director, UO psychology clinic; Debra Eisert, associate professor, human development, College of Education; Ibrahim Gassama, law professor; Robin Holmes, vice president for student life; Debra McLaughlin, HIPAA compliance officer, University Health Center; Brooks Morse, associate director, University Counseling and Testing Center; and Merle Weiner, law professor.

—By Julie Brown, Public Affairs Communications