A couple minutes with Scott Huette

Scott Huette (right) is a tai chi teacher and student
Scott Huette (right) is a tai chi teacher and student

Tai chi translates as “supreme ultimate fist.”

But this martial art can also be a source of inner peace and health, as demonstrated by Scott Huette, an instructor in Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of Oregon.

Huette, a longtime student and teacher of the ancient Chinese martial art, is featured in this month's “A couple minutes with…” video interview. Huette was in a fast-paced, stressful job years ago when he found it was taking an unacceptable toll on his physical and mental health; with tai chi, he has developed an ability to “be in the moment” even when life is at its most hectic.

Huette is also a member of ChinaVine, an interdisciplinary project aimed at educating English-speaking children, youth, and adults about the material and intangible cultural heritage of China.

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