Deadline nears on officers of administration climate survey

Laptop open to a survey

The Officers of Administration Council is conducting a climate survey and is reminding OAs to participate before the closing deadline of Friday, Nov. 3, at 5 p.m.

“Officers of administration work to support the mission, vision and values that make this school thrive,” said Leslie Wolgamott, chair of the OA Council. “As a member of this community, we are asking for feedback from all OAs on critical issues that impact employment.”

The survey is available online.

The OA Council will share preliminary results in winter term at a series of listening tour stops, where members will ask for further comments on the information gathered. In spring, the council will produce a formal report to share with university leaders and OAs to give insight and guidance about how to improve the workplace.

The last survey and listening tour resulted in solid wins, notably the OA employment policies that went into effect this spring, Wolgamott said. The council is encouraging officers of administration to comment through the survey and listing tour to continue improving employment for OAs at the UO.