Deadlines extended for those willing to serve on University Senate or committees

The University Senate has extended the deadline to Wednesday, May 3, for responses from those who wish to serve on the senate, or on various elected or appointed committees.

Senate President Rob Kyr said there is a great need for faculty and staff who are willing to serve either run for election to the senate or serve on several committees that have vacancies. Those who are interested can view open committee and senate positions online, and must complete a "Committee Service Preference Form" by the May 3 deadline.

Kyr said there is special need for senate candidates from the the College of Arts and Sciences (particularly in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities); the colleges of education and law; the schools music and dance, and journalism and communication; Clark Honors College; and among non-tenure track faculty.

Among the elected committees that still have openings are the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee; the Faculty Grievance Appeals Committee; the Graduate Council; the Faculty Advisory Council; and the Faculty Personnel Committee.