A digital care package; Or, things you miss about campus

A grilled cheese sandwichd

We know you’re enjoying winter break. Sleeping in. Seeing old friends. Hanging with family. All that stuff. We also know you kind of miss campus. Which is why we put together this digital care package to remind you of all things you have to look forward to this winter. Hurry back, Ducks!

1. Squirrels. Now you see them, now you don’t.


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2. Cheesy Grillers. Because sometimes you just need that crunchy melty thing.


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3. This video of ducklings being rescued that we cannot stop watching:

4. Running on Pre’s Trail. Especially after a Cheesy Griller.

5. Duck hoops! Look out, Pac-12!

6. Working on the Urban Farm.

7. Magnolia blossoms. To remind us that spring is coming.

8. Shredding gnar pow with the Outdoor Program.

9. Ducks. Just Ducks being Ducks.

10. Spring flowers. In February.