Division of Student Life announces organizational changes

Oregon Hall

As of July 1, the role of the University of Oregon’s dean of students has been set apart from the position of associate vice president for student life.

As a result of the change, Associate Vice President for Student Life Kris Winter assumes an expanded role under R. Kevin Marbury, vice president for student life, and Marcus Langford will fill Winter’s previous position as dean of students.

Langford came to the UO in 2017, serving first as assistant dean of students and then associate dean of students.

“Marcus has made enormous contributions to our division and community, and I am excited that he will be directing the day-to-day operations of the Office of the Dean of Students,” Marbury said.

Langford will serve as the campus’ lead administrator for emergencies and crisis response involving students.

Winter, who has filled a dual role as dean of students since 2016, will be second in command for the division.

“Kris will take on new responsibilities,” Marbury said, “including leading our division’s critical work on the university’s student success initiative and our emerging anti-racism work.”

In addition, Parent and Family Programs, the Student Life Office of Research and Assessment and the Major Student Events office will report to Winter.

With the moves of Winter and Langford, two other changes have also taken place in the office. Jimmy Howard, formerly assistant dean of students for prevention and response, is now the associate dean of students. Justine Carpenter, director of multicultural and identity-based support services, takes on the additional role of assistant dean.

“As we continue to prioritize student success, these changes will allow us to redeploy the skills and talents of a number of individuals, allowing for intentional focus on areas of need expressed by our students over the past academic year,” Marbury said. “I am confident that these changes will not only address the short-term impacts of living through the pandemic but also set us up to meet the future needs of our students and families.”