The Duck Store surveys faculty on book vernacular

The UO Bookstore/The Duck Store is looking for input from UO faculty about the terminology they use with students, regarding course materials.

With IntroDUCKtion quickly approaching, The Duck Store has been evaluating its presentation and informational materials for new students – particularly the language used in buying, renting and returning course materials.

The textbook industry’s language (buyback, course materials, Rush, etc.) makes sense to people working in the field, but isn’t necessarily obvious or clear to students or faculty members. The bookstore wants to rethink its scholastic campaign to make sure it is speaking the same language as faculty and students.

Staff at The Duck Store have put together a short survey for faculty members, in an effort to craft the store's verbiage more accurately. It will only take a few minutes to participate. The survey will be available through June 2.

- from The Duck Store