DuckWeb overhaul goes on hold to allow realignment

Information Services has suspended its overhaul of the University of Oregon’s DuckWeb system to better align with campus partners.

“DuckWeb is vital for students,” said Melody Riley, associate chief information officer for enterprise solutions. “Pausing the project work now will allow time to collaborate with campus partners on ways to improve students’ experience using DuckWeb and create a thoughtful upgrade schedule for these student functions.”

Information Services is working closely with the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management, Business Affairs Office, payroll and human resources on the DuckWeb overhaul.

Three sections of DuckWeb have already been upgraded: direct deposit and personal information in October 2021, finance query and document approval in December 2021 and employee information modules in June 2022.

Those upgrades brought a Duck ID login, a new look and feel, and improved mobile compatibility for those sections.

The June upgrade also resulted in a name change for the DuckWeb section that displays employee leave balances, earning statements and related information. After logging in to DuckWeb and choosing “Employee Information,” UO employees will find the new “Employee Dashboard Application.” Selecting it will open a Shibboleth single sign-on screen in a new browser tab. After logging in, employees will find familiar information organized in a new way.

To log out of the dashboard or other upgraded sections of DuckWeb, people should select the profile icon in the upper right, then select “Sign Out.” Next, they also should log out of their main DuckWeb window by selecting “Exit” in the upper right. That two-part logout process will continue until the DuckWeb overhaul is complete.

Students and employees use DuckWeb for a broad range of functions, including registering for classes, assigning grades and paying bills. The university began using DuckWeb in 1999.

Anyone with questions can submit a ticket through the Banner support page in the UO Service Portal.