DuckWeb will get a major overhaul starting later this year

Illustration of electronic devices

A major overhaul will bring big improvements to the University of Oregon's DuckWeb system starting in late summer or fall.

Students, faculty members and staff use DuckWeb for a broad range of functions including registering for classes, assigning grades and paying bills. The university began using DuckWeb in 1999.

Upcoming changes will include a new look and feel, new dashboards for students and employees, enhanced security and improved compatibility with smartphones.

"We're excited about all the ways this upgrade will improve DuckWeb, from the new look to mobile compatibility," said Melody Riley, associate chief information officer for applications and middleware. "Most everyone uses DuckWeb for some form of university business, and the upgrade will make DuckWeb easier to use and faster to get things done."

While the upgrade will change how DuckWeb looks, feels and operates, it will not affect the underlying data.

The upgrade also spells the eventual end of logging in to DuckWeb with a UO ID number and personal access code, better known as a PAC. In the future, users will access DuckWeb with their Duck IDs via Shibboleth single sign-on.

"Simplifying the login alone will make DuckWeb easier to use," said Leo Howell, chief information security officer. "And two-step login adds more data security to everything you'll do in DuckWeb."

The upgrade will occur in steps over the next year as Information Services rolls out groups of modules. The first change, a new design for setting up direct deposit, will appear for users in the second half of this year.

During the transition, DuckWeb will act like flaggers in a road construction zone, automatically directing users to the right module to use while the site is under construction. When users reach an upgraded module, they will be prompted to log in with their Duck ID and password.

Information Services is working closely with the Division of Student Services and Enrollment Management, Business Affairs Office, payroll and human resources on the upgrade. The project team plans to release a draft schedule of upgrades. That schedule, along with other project details, will be available on the DuckWeb upgrade project website.

Anyone with questions can submit a ticket through the Banner support page in the UO Service Portal.