Education for All: Tales From the Classroom and the Pursuit of Equitable Reform

By Mitchell Green, BA '83 (German) 

Education for All: Tales from the Classroom and the Pursuit of Equitable Reform explores the seven major influences on student learning, some overlooked and underappreciated, and how they each are important. Most people think they know what happens inside American public-school classrooms. But parents, prospective and new teachers, and even school reform decision-makers can’t always see the myriad of elements behind what goes on inside those walls. Who chooses the curriculum content and why? Who profits off high-stakes testing? What makes teachers effective? School-reform solutions tend to be piecemeal, usually dealing with one factor of student achievement without looking at the big picture. Drawing from over two decades teaching and providing instructional support in public schools, Mitchell Green provides a holistic perspective on what happens in schools and asks tough questions seeking to spark meaningful conversation about providing high-quality, equitable education for all children.

Tonic Books, 2022