Electric scooter partnership expands campus commute options

A fleet of bright yellow e-scooters arrives this week, providing a new and eco-friendly option for commuters and a quick way to get to, from and through campus.

The e-scooters are part of a one-year pilot program launched by the city of Eugene in partnership with the University of Oregon and Cascade Mobility. The program mirrors the PeaceHealth bikeshare program, which allows users to use a mobile app to rent e-scooters and drop them off in designated parking areas.

Cascade Mobility will track the Superpedestrian scooters and redistribute them regularly across town and throughout campus.

“Transportation Services is dedicated to providing sustainable transportation options,” said David Reesor, director of Transportation Services at the UO. “A great deal of planning and care went into this pilot to provide safe and accessible options for most everyone in our campus community.”

Campus safety is a top priority, and a number of operational guidelines have been put in place, including no-ride zones, slow-ride zones, and a top speed of 15 mph. The e-scooters are equipped with technology that regulates speed through certain zones and keeps the scooters within the ride-share boundaries.

The pilot launches March 31 with a fleet of 200-300 scooters citywide and about 25 designated pick-up/drop-off areas on campus. First-time users can download the Superpedestrian mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices, and listen to the required safety message before their first rental.

Once the e-scooter program is fully deployed, 600 e-scooters will be available citywide, including 100 three-wheel scooters with seats. PeaceHealth Rides will continue to maintain the 350-strong fleet of bicycles.

The e-scooters will be available 24/7 through the app rental; the cost to unlock a scooter is $2 with a rental fee of 39 cents a minute. The clock runs on the rental until the e-scooter is parked within a designated zone. Once parked, the user gets $1 back. Eugene and UO pick-up and drop-off locations may change to accommodate user patterns.

Contact Superpedestrian with all questions related to the Eugene/UO campus program at support@superpedestrian.com or by calling 844-701-8163.