Employee awards, honors and accolades for fall term 2019

Nov. 25 – Craig Phillips, assistant professor of voice, and his ensemble New York Polyphony, released a new album called “Lamentationes.” The disc features never-before-recorded works by Spanish Renaissance composer Francisco de Peñalosa and has been covered in a variety of publications, including Classics Today, Early Music America, Gramophone, Limelight and Minnesota Public Radio

Nov. 19 – Several faculty members in the University of Oregon Linguistics Department will be recognized for their work by the Linguistics Society of America in 2020. Gabriela Pérez Báez, assistant professor of linguistics, will receive the Early Career Award, which honors her documentation of Zapotecan languages, her raising awareness of language diversity and for her work to train speakers in North America and Mexico. Melissa Baese-Berk, associate professor of linguistics, and her team members will receive a Service Award for establishing a pop-up mentoring program, which offers mentoring sessions at conferences. Volya Kapatsinski, associate professor of linguistics, will be awarded the Bloomfield Book Award for his book, “Changing Minds Changing Tools: From Learning Theory to Language Acquisition to Language Change.” 

Oct. 28 – Jeffrey Ostler, professor of northwest and pacific history at UO, received the American Indian History Lifetime Achievement Award from the Western History Association. The award recognizes Ostler’s work to educate students and the public about American Indian history. Ostler has expanded research and teaching about native history at the UO and he recently published the book, “Surviving Genocide: Native Nations and the United States from the American Revolution to Bleeding Kansas.”

Oct. 21 – James Meacham, senior research associate and executive director of UO’s geography department, accepted The Wildlife Society 2018 edited book award for his atlas called “Wild Migrations: An Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates.” At the society’s national meeting in Reno, Meacham accepted the award for his team, including Matthew Kauffman, Hall Sawyer, Alethea Steingisser, William Rudd, and Emilene Ostlind.

Oct. 8 – The University of Oregon’s American English Institute was awarded the English Language Fellow University Partnership Award from the United States Department of State. Representatives from the UO AEI were recognized during the 2019 TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo for the largest number of English language specialists who traveled across the world to share their expertise. In the 2018 calendar year, four specialists from UO, Sherie Henderson, Leslie Opp-Beckman, Jennifer Rice and Janine Sepulveda, traveled overseas to complete projects.  

Oct. 1 – Michael Russo, professor of Sustainable Management, was honored with a Distinguished Scholar Award from the Academy of Management's Organizations and Natural Environment Division. Russo is only the sixth recipient of the award. He is the academic director of the Center for Sustainable Business Practices at Lundquist College of Business.

Sept. 23 – Brian Trapp, Kidd program director and creative writing instructor at the UO, wrote an essay that was named #1 Longreads of the Week, an honor in journalism and essay writing. Trapp’s essay, “Twelve Words,” is about the life and death of his twin brother, who had cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities. 

Sept. 23 – Joshua Gordon, senior instructor of sports business at the UO Lundquist College of Business, was confirmed as an arbitrator for the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Gordon is one of two Americans out of the 300 arbitrators from 87 countries confirmed this period.

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