Employees required to take an updated training by March 25

Campus aerial view

During the winter term, all faculty, officers of administration, classified employees and graduate employees are required to take an updated web-based workplace harassment and discrimination prevention training by March 25.

The training is part of the University of Oregon’s commitment to providing a work environment free from discrimination and harassment while promoting a respectful workplace.

Graduate employees who completed the online “Canvas Community, Module 3: Creating a Welcoming Community” training as part of their fall orientation and onboarding have satisfied the requirement and do not need to complete the updated online prevention training. Temporary and student employees are encouraged to complete the training but are not required to do so. New employees will take the training as part of their onboarding. Hourly employees will be paid for their time spent completing the training, and exempt employees can take the training during working hours.   

"Diversity, equity and inclusion for all is a core value for our community,” said Patrick Phillips, provost and senior vice president. “Everyone should know that they can come to UO and expect to have the opportunity to pursue their professional and educational goals in an accepting environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.” 

The updated training educates faculty and staff about how to recognize harassment and discrimination, know their reporting obligations and speak up to reinforce the institution’s values and policy

“Respect is fundamental to the UO as a workplace and as a community,” said Jamie Moffitt, vice president of finance and administration and chief financial officer. “We each have an important role in promoting a campus culture that is welcoming, safe and respectful.” 

The workplace harassment and discrimination prevention online training is available through MyTrack. The course has been added to each person’s development plan to record completion. Human Resources will track completion rates and report them to units and departments. The web-based training is designed to provide consistent baseline information to large numbers of employees. This training can be coupled with other education, such as in-person training and facilitated discussions to further educate the campus community. 

“University of Oregon leadership stands united in our resolve to enable every member of our community to flourish and contribute,” said President Michael Schill. “We are a community. Harassment and discrimination divide us – it is our collective responsibility to call it out and stop it.” 

The Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance (OICRC) is responsible for investigating and responding to incidents of prohibited discrimination and harassment, including those based on gender, race, age or any other protected characteristic. The OICRC website provides important information about reporting processes and obligations.