Environment Initiative seed funding awards announced

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June 7, 2022 - 8:00am

The Environment Initiative Seed Funding Program, which was established this year to support both research and curricular projects, aims to focus the intellectual energy and work of faculty members, students and community partners on a just and livable future through transdisciplinary research, teaching and experiential learning.

The first round of funding supports one Research Award and five Curriculum Awards.

“I am thrilled we have awards like this to recognize and support the innovative work of our faculty,” said Patrick Phillips, provost and senior vice president at the University of Oregon. “The activities selected this round really enhance the university’s goal of preparing our students with timely and real-world experiences.”

The seed funding program is also significant in creating alignment between research, teaching and public engagement endeavors. 

“This program was our first effort at calling for, and evaluating, proposals across research and curriculum,” said Adell Amos, executive director of the Environment Initiative. “I am excited by the synergies that have emerged, particularly with regard to the potential for community connections.”

Research Award

“Virtual Excursions for Science Learning,” by Danny Pimentel, assistant professor of immersive media psychology and Kelly Sutherland, associate professor of biology.

Curriculum Awards

  • “Broadening Experiential Learning through the Environmental Leadership Program,” by Kathryn Lynch and Peg Boulay, co-directors of the Environmental Leadership Program.
  • “Indigenous Knowledge Keepers Curriculum Development,” by Theresa May, professor of theater arts, and Jennifer O’Neal, assistant professor of Indigenous, race and ethnicity studies.
  • “Technoeconomic Analyses for Decarbonization,” by Paul Kempler, associate director of the Oregon Center for Electrochemistry, and Joshua Skov, senior instructor of management.
  • “Building Environmental Education Infrastructure at UO” by Sarah Stapleton, assistant professor in the Department of Education Studies of the College of Education and Kathryn Lynch, Environmental Leadership Program instructor, Environmental Studies Program.
  • “Oregon Students Helping Oregon Communities Address Climate, Equity and Affordability,” by Marc Schlossberg and Nico Larco, co-directors of the Sustainable Cities Institute.

Read more about these awards on the Environment Initiative website.

“The awarded proposals demonstrate the creative approaches UO faculty are taking to address environmental challenges and to train the next generation of people who will take action to counteract the climate crisis,” said Cass Moseley, interim vice president for research and innovation.

By Kelley Christensen, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation