Equity pay review of tenured and tenured-track faculty completed

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The University of Oregon faculty salary equity study has been completed and preliminary findings and recommendations have been submitted to the provost for review. United Academics has also received a copy of the report, per the memorandum of understanding regarding the study.

The study, launched last year, was designed to evaluate and review an equal pay analysis conducted by a consultant who analyzed UO pay for tenured and tenure-track faculty. The consultant looked at whether any salary inequities related to gender, race or ethnicity existed among UO’s tenure and tenured-track faculty.

The Faculty Salary Equity Study work group — made up of faculty members, administrators, United Academics representatives and others — reviewed the consultant’s analysis and later examined trends and other data. The equity analysis process of the work group included a case-by-case review of faculty members identified as outliers in the overall study.

The work group found that overall, faculty members from protected groups at the UO are not receiving systematically lower than predicted salaries. But the study results led the work group to recommend that 12 faculty members be considered for equity adjustments.

“This was a complex study. Our group looked carefully at the results of the initial analysis and then in detail at each case identified for further study,” said Scott Pratt, executive vice provost for academic affairs, who was a member of the work group. “We’ve made a set of recommendations to Provost Jayanth Banavar, and he will consult with his team about next steps.”

Following the provost’s final determination, individuals receiving an equity adjustment will be notified directly. Adjustments will be applied as soon as possible from the equity pool, consistent with the United Academics collective bargaining agreement and the related MOU, and they will be retroactive to Jan. 1.

Any funds remaining in the equity pool after equity decisions are made will be applied as an additional across-the-board increase to all tenured and tenure-track faculty members, also retroactive to Jan. 1.

Visit the Office of the Provost website to learn more about the study and read the report.