Eugene and UO police urge prevention of spring break crime

The Eugene and University of Oregon police departments are urging members of the UO community to make sure their spring break isn't ruined by preventable crime.

Vacation periods in recent years have been prime time for property crime on and near campus. But there are basic steps that can help protect your home, vehicle and valuables.

Home and office burglaries can often be prevented by locking doors and windows, ensuring that valuables cannot be seen through windows and taking valuable items with you when you leave on vacation. Other burglary-prevention measures include recording serial numbers of valuable items and marking them with your driver’s license number, reporting suspicious people or circumstances to police and safeguarding your garage door opener.

Thefts from vehicles can be reduced by parking in busy and well-lit areas and never leaving items in view, even in a locked car. Never leave vehicle titles, credit cards, cash, wallets, purses or important documents inside vehicles.

To prevent vehicles from being stolen, police recommend using vehicle security systems and steering wheel locking devices – which can be purchased for $12.50 each at EPD's West University Station, 791 E. 13th Ave.

Bicycles should be locked with U-Bolt type locks. Steel cable locks can often be cut in less than 3 seconds.

Suspicious activity can be reported on EPD's non-emergency phone line (541-682-5111) or the UOPD's non-emergency line (541-346-2919). More information is available on the EPD and UOPD websites.