Faculty and OAs to receive salary increase early

Interim UO President Patrick Phillips has announced changes to faculty and officer of administration salary increases for the current fiscal year.

The increases were effective Oct. 1 rather than Jan. 1, 2023, as originally planned, and will be reflected in the Oct. 31 paychecks, adding three additional months of increased pay. Additionally, the increase for officers of administration will be applied across the board rather than through a merit pool process.

“University leaders recognize how challenging this time has been for so many, personally and professionally, and we appreciate the commitment employees have shown to the University of Oregon,” Phillips said. “I deeply appreciate the extraordinary effort shown over the last couple of years to not just maintain our mission but advance it.”

The Office of Human Resources provides more information about the salary increases for faculty members and officers of administration, including eligibility criteria. HR will coordinate directly with payroll to implement salary increases. Unit responsibilities and a process timeline are provided on the HR website.

“The adjustments to this year’s annual salary increases provide three additional months of increased pay, and when combined with the last implemented pay increase in January 2022, faculty and OA salaries will have been increased by 7 percent within 10 months,” said Mark Schmelz, chief human resources officer and vice president. “It is a modest step with immediate impact.”

Last year, the university took a new approach by planning and announcing multiyear salary increases for faculty members and OAs to provide more certainty about salary increases for several years to come, Schmelz said. The changes to this year’s plan are based on current circumstances and consideration and do not affect the remainder of the multiyear plans.

Salary increases at the UO are established by employee group and in accordance with applicable university policies and collective bargaining agreements. While not included in the recent announcement, Service Employees International Union employees also received two across-the-board increases in 2022 through the terms of their collective bargaining agreement.

Additionally, graduate employees are paid according to the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation contract, which stipulates the minimum rate of pay for each position. This fall, the salary minimums for all GE positions were increased by 3 percent, with colleges working with many departments to increase wages above minimums.

Complete details about compensation and increases for each UO employee group are available on the HR website.