Faculty members can still enroll in summer teaching workshops

The sixth edition of the UO Summer Teaching Institute takes place this July, and there is still time for faculty members to sign up.

The two main intensive “pathway” tracks are full, but faculty members can still register for daily workshops covering topics such as sharing resources within departments, writing to reflect and deepening dialogue.

The institute, set for July 10-14, is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and hosted by the Teaching Engagement Program and UO Online. Faculty members from across campus come together for inspiration, collegial connection and the design of new courses and teaching materials.

“I really appreciated having time and space during the summer to think in community about how we practice our craft of teaching and how we can best serve our students,” said Camisha Russell, associate professor of philosophy. “Connecting with like-minded colleagues in this way is also invaluable and often restorative.”  

Mike Urbancic, senior instructor of economics, agreed: “In addition to the exposure to new ideas and strategies, I have loved the community-building aspects of the Summer Teaching Institute. In each of the years I have had the good fortune to participate I have forged lasting friendships with colleagues from across campus.”

The theme of this year’s institute is “Gifts of Teaching.”

“We hope the curated workshops, resources and activities will be experienced as a gift to UO’s dedicated teachers,” said Carol Gering, associate vice provost for online and distance education.

To date, 217 faculty members have participated in the institute since it began 2018. Organizers hope the number of alumni will continue to expand as faculty discover the opportunity.

“We are absolutely convinced that having this time in the summer with other colleagues can be restorative, joyful and energizing experience,” said Lee Rumbarger, associate vice provost for teaching engagement. “We want every member of the faculty to feel welcome.”