Fandom meets feminism in UO residence hall event

Fandom and feminism are about to go burlesque at the UO.

The Residence Hall Association’s Greek Week’s finale event will be a free show from the Bechdel Test Burlesque. The self-identified “nerd burlesque” troupe will be at the UO at 8 p.m. April 29 in Room 123, Global Scholars Hall.

The Bechdel Test Burlesque show is about fun and celebrating feminism and fandom by empowering women, and promoting body positivity through dressing up as popular characters in “geek culture” taken from film, television and comics. People who plan on coming to the event are encouraged to dress up.

The event also tries to educate the audience on gender, race, sexuality and consent.

The show was brought to the UO for free by the UO Residence Hall Association, the Department of Women and Gender Studies, the School of Journalism and Communication and the UO’s Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team, among others.

The event is free to the entire UO community, but only ages 17 and older will be permitted, due to the show’s theme.