Final AtO scavenger hunt: Seven more travel mug winners

March 5, 2013 - 7:47am

The last of AroundtheO's scavenger hunt booty is heading out the door – seven careful readers of the UO news portal had their lucky numbers drawn in the final scavenger hunt contest of AtO's launch promotion.

Each will receive a stainless steel coffee mug (with attractive AroundtheO logo).

The final contest winners are: Jessi Cotter of Theater Arts; Jen Bailey of University Housing; Susanna Williams of the Center on Teaching and Learning; Lori Robare of UO Libraries; Jeanne Basom of the Materials Science Institute; Laura Byrd of Academic Extension; and Margaret Hyland of the Materials Science Institute.

Each winner submitted one or more correct answers in last week's daily contests to become eligible for the weekly drawing.

The AroundtheO scavenger hunt rewarded careful reading – each daily question had its answer somewhere in the text of the five stories most recently posted to AroundtheO.

The scavenger hunt promotions, co-sponsored by The Duck Store, were intended to remind readers to make AroundtheO their homepage – and go-to source for UO news and information.

Nearly 100 of the stainless steel travel mugs and five major prizes were awarded in the contest, which began in November. Laura Lacasa of the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, Charlotte Wise of the UO's Neuroinformatics Center and Joyce Nims of the College of Education each won $100 gift cards to The Duck Store; and Amy Lake, who works in the UO Libraries warehouse, and Marge Wise of the UO's Early Childhood CARES program, each won iPads.