Get Explicit 101 prepares students to create a safer campus

Talking about sex and consent can be awkward. Regardless of how that conversation may feel, it’s a necessary step in sexual violence prevention, both for on campus and when students leave the university.

The Get Explicit 101 program required for all incoming students helps make that conversation easier and ensures that students at the University of Oregon are prepared for whatever they may encounter both on and off campus.

This year’s Get Explicit programs ran Oct. 9-10, with makeup options offered the week of Oct. 24. So far, more than 5,400 new students have attended the workshops. Though completion is not yet at 100 percent, options to complete the workshop will be offered to students who missed their scheduled sessions.

“Get Explicit has been identified as one of the contributing factors to the demonstrated decrease of sexual violence at the University of Oregon,” said Kerry Frazee, director of prevention services. “I am consistently impressed when I see how much our students are dedicated to being change agents around issues of violence prevention when they have programs like Get Explicit as an educational foundation. They are really setting an example and I am hopeful for a growing community of care as a result.

Students expressed a variety of takeaways from the program, including knowing what resources are available on campus and how important it is to set boundaries before encountering sexual situations. Not only do students learn from the workshop, but they are grateful for it, too.

“I really appreciate that the UO makes such an effort to spread awareness and make campus a safer environment,” said Danielle Fraser, a first-year student who took the Get Explicit workshop this year.

The mission of the Get Explicit program is to “empower students to be intentional with boundaries, direct with communication, explicit with consent, and engaged as a community member to prevent sexual violence.” The program ensures that students can create a safer, more knowledgeable community for themselves and others.

Visit the Get Explicit website to learn more.

—By Sarah Bathke, Student Services and Enrollment Management