Get2KnowUO offers a chance to win prizes while learning

Campus panorama

After more than a year away, the Duck community is finally all on campus together. Whether students are just arriving at the University of Oregon for their first term or are returning and need a refresher of the available resources, Get2KnowUO is the game to help them adjust to life on campus.

“For students returning to an in-person experience on campus, this is a great way to reorient themselves, take advantage of campus services and resources, and earn some prizes along the way,” said Kris Winter, associate vice president for student life.

Through a number of trivia games, students can earn prizes while learning more about the programs and services on campus. Prizes offered range from weekly drawings of $50 gift cards for places like the Duck Store or GrubHub to the $600 grand prize.

The Get2KnowUO challenge is available through the end of fall term. Students can sign up to complete challenges online, as well as on the UOregon mobile app.