Grad students: Roll out your best work for the Grad Forum

A view of the 2014 Grad Forum

The Graduate School is accepting proposals for its seventh annual Graduate Student Forum, to be held Friday, Feb. 26.

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Ford Alumni Center. Last year’s event attracted student presentations covering a range of research topics, including water management and governance, Robert Schumann’s music and the use of imaging and neuroimaging to study the brain.

The one-day event, which highlights the outstanding research and creative expressions of UO graduate students, is expected to draw more than 150 students from 50-plus disciplines. Money prizes will be presented to the winners in all four categories and are intended to support the students’ professional development efforts.

With the addition of 5-minute blitz presentations, the event is expected to be lively, interesting, and fun.

“The Graduate Research Forum is a place for UO graduate scholars and researchers to showcase the work they've been doing — to their peers and to other members of the UO's academic community,” said Sara Hodges, associate dean of the Graduate School. “One of the best things about the Grad Forum is the opportunities it creates for grad students to connect with students who are looking at related problems in a different department from a different perspective.

“But it's also an opportunity for the UO to show off all the innovative and amazing things that UO graduate students are doing to the larger community. If you go to the Grad Forum, expect to learn something novel that will change your life — or at least your day — and prepare to be dazzled.”

UO graduate students can participate in the Grad Forum by proposing a coordinated panel session; an individual paper, creative work, or 5-minute blitz presentation; or through a poster presentation. Proposals for posters, individual panel presentations, and/or 5 Minute Presentation Blitzes are due Friday, December 18, 2015. Apply here.

Group panel proposals are due Friday, Jan. 8. Apply here. For more information on the Grad Forum, visit the Graduate Forum website.