Graduate Profile: Kate Rohrich

Portrait of Kate Rohrich, class of 2016
Kate Rohrich, class of 2016

High School: Liberty High School, Hillsboro, Oregon

Degree: Journalism: Advertising and Cinema Studies; Clark Honors College

What I learned: I’ve learned that the things that make you different and that you’re passionate about are some of the best things you have to offer to the world. Being able to work with others and bring in a lot of difference perspectives is what can push work forward and create truly innovative solutions.

Favorite spot on campus: Not only do I spend most of my time at Allen Hall, but the building is beautiful and I’ve had so many good times both working and hanging out there.

Favorite memories: Long hours spent in Allen Hall, especially with my media family for Ad Team. It’s not really about the specific memories, but about the people and I’m going to miss them like crazy.

Favorite professor/instructor/adviser: So many professors have been influential that I can’t choose just one. Both Deb Morrison and Dave Koranda have played a huge role in my time as an advertising major. Their encouragement and guidance has been incredibly important to me and is so appreciated.

People might be surprised to know: I love long road trips and often drive long distances by myself to go visit friends in other states or just get out and experience something different. Some of my favorite and crazy college memories come from insanely long drives with my best friend. 

What it means to be a Duck: Pushing boundaries on what is possible and creating things that have a true impact. It’s about innovating, inspiring and being part of a community. 

What I did for fun: I have been very involved in the Athletic Bands throughout my time at the UO. I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel with the band to so many great places to cheer on our Ducks, and the memories from these experiences are priceless. I was a drum major for the marching band for two years as well as chapter president and then Western District president for the co-ed band fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi, and I’ve learned so much about leadership, life, and myself through these experiences.

What’s next: I plan on moving to New York City after graduation to work at an advertising agency as a copywriter.

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Portrait of Kate Rohrich, class of 2016