Graduate Profile: Kathleen Darby

Kathleen Darby
Kathleen Darby at UO Portland

High School: Madison High School, Portland.

Major/Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Digital Arts

What I learned: I think that what I learned at university is really how to think creatively versus create skillfully. The Digital Arts program really emphasizes conceptual thinking and I think that's why our program is so successful. Learning that the concept behind the artwork needs to be on par with the technical skills that you bring to the idea is really important.

Favorite spot on campus: The Portland UO Campus at the White Stag Building is a really special place. Not only is it a landmark of Portland with the Made in Portland sign, it’s a beautiful studio art space.

Favorite professor/instructor/adviser: When I started at the UO, Ty Warren was a huge influence. Ty introduced many different art forms and exposure to different ways of thinking about art and the role it plays in our everyday lives. More recently, Rick Silva has been an amazing mentor with the adjustment to the Portland UO campus during fall term.

People might be surprised to know: I won the new UO Student ID Card Design Competition. Starting this summer, my illustration design will be used on all university IDs. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to leave my legacy and artistic mark on the university.

What it means to be a Duck: For me being a Duck is being able to feel open to possibilities. The university has so many great things going for it that I think everyone has a place and opportunity to get involved how they see fit.

What I did for fun: This spring I had the opportunity to participate in the Art in the City Spring Break Trip to New York City with Rick Silva. It was a perfect way to get new perspective on art between school terms, and was an amazing traveling experience.

What’s next: Right after the White Box gallery opens June 2 with our group BFA show, I’ll be  all done with school. After that I'm traveling Europe for a few weeks before returning to Portland to search for full time or commission jobs in illustration and graphic design.

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