Graduate Profiles: Film grad plans post-production in Thailand

Kahnita Wilkerson, Class of 2015

Meet Kahnita Wilkerson, Class of 2015:

High school: Wakeland High School, Frisco, Texas.

Major: Cinema Studies and Cultural Anthropology

My favorite thing about UO: There’s no way I could choose a single memory! The most powerful moments have been the creative collaborations with my peers. The U of O — and Eugene in general — has an infectious, creative vibe and it has been a pleasure to witness the diversity of artistic expression throughout these four years.

What I did: I interned in the wardrobe department of IFC’s “Portlandia,” worked as a wardrobe production assistant on an independent film, and was the production designer for a short film. To say that these were the most challenging and rewarding moments of my undergraduate career would be an understatement!

What’s next: I plan on traveling around the world for a year or so, starting in my mother's home town of Chiang Mai, Thailand, to teach English and do some post-grad soul searching. I want to continue producing culturally impacting and positive work and make a name for myself. My goals directing a documentary or feature-length film and producing a vegan travel Web series.