Graduate Profiles: A SAIL graduate sets course for Ohio

Meet Noelle Jones, Class of 2015:

Hometown: Springfield

Majors: History, humanities

My favorite spots on campus: Barry’s, Café Roma, Willamette Hall, the education building.

Favorite professors and mentors: John Nicols (history), Mary Jaeger (humanities), Sarah Gurman (grad student; creative writing), Bill Harbaugh (economics), Bruce Blonigen (economics), Lara Fernandez (SAIL staff). These are the people who have stopped everything they’re doing to help me with my panicked questions, and they are people who I respect, admire and have come to love

SAIL On: I’ll be one of the first Oregon graduates to go through the Summer Academy to Inspire Learning, known as SAIL, an academic summer camp offered by the UO to middle and high school students. I worked for the SAIL program in college, as well as for CAScade magazine and the College Scholars Program.

I’ve truly enjoyed working with everyone in these positions, and the wide range of experiences has made for a stellar resume. I have to thank SAIL and my many faculty connections for helping me find and succeed in these places.

What’s next: I’m taking a year off and will be moving to Ohio, where my partner has accepted a full scholarship to complete his doctorate. In grad school, I intend to pursue multiple master’s degrees. Studying one topic quite narrowly for six-plus years would drive me crazy. My interests include international politics, international human rights and public policy.

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